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My kitchen Inspiration

Kitchens are one of the most challenging spaces to design. I think that’s because it’s a multifunctional space and is full of energy. Kitchens are considered the heart of any home. They are usually heavy traffic areas where all the family gather, eat, talk and prepare meals. Nowadays, they are where people do entertain with their friends to make their guests feel comfortable and welcomed. There are a lot of activities goes on in there, therefore it has to be taken with discrete care to make it feel chic, happy, cheerful yet functional. Well in case you don’t know, I live in a rented house so I always like to search for inspirations and ideas everywhere that can fit with my existing space, but most of all, I always keep them as a reference for future use whenever I get the chance to renovate my future kitchen. Here is a mood board for my dream kitchen. I spent a lot of time thinking how I wanted it to look like, so I made some researches and came up with the following ideas. This is my inspiration for the whole design scheme.

Happy Designing …

Plants are always a great choice for adding softness within the space

This is my mood board of how I want it to look like,

  • All images are linked to their original sources as follows: 1//2//3//4//5 ,
  • Mood board is created by me for Azza Design

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